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Scholarship Recipients

Olivia Hayden                             Colorado Mesa - $2500

Cameron Johnson                     University of Utah - $1250

Kyleen Kelsey                             University of Montana $2000

Bryce Street                                Montana State - $1250

Haley Barker                             Montana State - $2500

Clara Miller                                University of Arizona - $2500

Paul Corrand                              Poly Tech. Canada - $2000

Gabby Hayden                           University North Colorado - $2000

Aften Peterson                           Casper College- $2000

Mariah McGinnis                      Montana State- $2000

Dustin Arnold                            Georgia Tech. - $2000

James Burton                             University of Arizona - $2000

Carson Averill                            University of Wyoming - $2500


Since inception the DRA Educational Trust has awarded over $250,000 in scholarships to well deserving students who have a desire to help perpetuate this great industry. Here’s what they are saying:

Dear DRA Educational Trust,
I would like to thank you for providing me with this scholarship to aid me with the costs of tuition and books as I enter into my sophomore year of college. I am currently a business major at the University of Wyoming, studying to increase my opportunities in the dude ranching industry. This scholarship will benefit me tremendously as I work my way through my college career.
I worked on our family guest ranch, the Vee Bar, again this summer as a wrangler, and it was another one that I will never forget. I greatly enjoy working on the ranch, and I sincerely thank you for giving me the opportunity to continue my love for the dude ranching industry, in college and beyond. I assure you the money you gave me will be put to good use throughout the next year and hopefully following that. Thank you again for choosing me to receive the scholarship, I appreciate it very much and your generosity is not going unnoticed. Thank you!
Tucker ColeBusiness, 2014-2015
Dear DRA Educational Trust,
I was so excited to learn that I was selected to receive the Dude Rancher's Association Scholarship for the 2014-2015 academic year. I am so thankful for your supporting me in pursuing a degree in agriculture so that I can continue the operation of our family dude ranch in the future.
I completed my first year at Montana State University - Bozeman and am looking forward to my sophomore year this fall. While attending MSU, I ws able to be a part of the polo team and was an active member of the Collegiate Young Farmers & Ranchers club.
Due to my interest in learning more about dude ranching, I wanted to explore working for another reputable ranch in our industry. I am pleased to be working with the Kelsey family of the Nine Quarter Circle Ranch this summer.
Thank you again for choosing me an for providing financial assistance. Without support like this, it would be very difficult for me to be able to finance my college education. I am very appreciative of your generosity.
Haley BakerAgriculture, 2014-2015