Scholarship Application Download

General Purpose StatementScholarship Applicants Wanted Poster  - The goal is to support the dude ranching industry and the future of dude ranching by providing financial assistance and encouragement to students pursuing an educational program that will lead to a career of benefit to them and the dude ranch industry. Enrollment in a traditional four year college is not necessary. Our criteria for granting scholarships are broad and flexible including on-line schools, junior colleges and trade schools. Automatic scholarship renewal will be based on a maintained 3.0 GPA, receiving a letter of recommendation from the schools administrative office each year and a letter from the recipient letting the board know how the school year was concluded. Financial need may be considered in the selection of the scholarship recipients.

Application Requirements

1. Have a tie to the dude ranch industry

The applicant should have a tie to dude ranching and be a US or Canadian citizen. Each recipient is encouraged to work on a Dude Ranchers’ Association member ranch or the DRA office the season they receive the scholarship.

2. Attend an accredited school

Attend a high school, accredited college, on-line college or trade school. Students pursuing a field of study directly beneficial to the dude ranch industry have priority over a similar student pursuing a field of study not directly related to the industry.

3. Be a full time student

4. Submit completed application and three references by March 15, 2022.

All materials (application, essay, transcript and references) must be submitted to the Dude Ranch Foundation office, postmarked by March 15, 2022. Materials postmarked after this date will not be considered.

5. Complete a telephone interview

A personal telephone interview is required by the Executive Director, a Board Member or both. Please include the phone number where you can be reached for an interview.

6. Submit grades each semester

It is the duty of scholarship recipient to submit his or her grades at the end of each quarter. A minimum Grade Point Average of 3.0 is preferred to obtain the scholarship and is required for an automatic renewal.

Call the Dude Ranch Foundation with any questions, 307.250.1981 or 307.587.2339.