The scholarship that students receive  pays homage to several people who have had a significant impact on the establishment and continuation of the Dude Ranch Foundation academic program. These special people have exhibited insight, demonstrated hard work and achieved their goals. It is our hope that you will emulate their success and follow in their footsteps to make a difference as you endeavor to:


MARK AND AMEY GRUBBS had the vision to start the scholarship fund in 1989. It was their dream to financially assist college students studying in fields relating to or enhancing the dude ranch industry. Without their vision and hard work there would be no scholarship program.


CAMERON GARNICK was a longtime dude rancher who donated his time, energy, sense of humor, and theatrical flair as our convention’s auctioneer. For many years this fundraiser was the sole source of income for the scholarships. He greatly enhanced the DRA’s ability to raise money.


Philadelphia insurance company  have been major contributors to scholarships through the horse safety program. Without this generosity the amount of the scholarships would be  much less.