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This program reflects the minimum guidelines for not only DRA member ranches but other equine programs related to Horse Safety and Adaptive First Aid for the Trail. This program provides an educational opportunity for all equine participants through a seminar approach. Our goal is to promote continual evaluation of safety procedures and skills to improve the safety and knowledge of equine participant’s  including the rider and the horse.

Key Elements

  • Horse Safety
  • Accident Management
  • Site Safety
  • Continuing Education
  • Equipment and Tack Safety
  • Guest Orientation
  • Certification

The DRA relies upon the integrity of its  members to review their program with consideration to the suggested DRA Horse Safety and Risk Management Practices discussed in the program. In order to stay current with the program each ranch must attend a course at least once every three years.  The owner, operator or manager must attend a “Horse Safety and Adatptive Frist Aid Seminar” to remain in current standing.  Wranglers are encouraged to attend a “Wrangler Training Class” as offerend at the beginning of each summer. The classes offered to the wranglers remain current for five years.

Horseback riding and other dude ranch activities, conducted oftentimes in outdoor wilderness, and/or mountainous terrain, include inherent and other risks that can cause injury, damage, death or other loss.  As a result, we recognize that ranches cannot assure the safety of their guests, and that participants share in the responsibility for their own well-being and the well-being of others on any trip.  The DRA program is our endeavor to assist ranches in managing risks and considering safety in their ongoing effort to provide their guests with a positive experience.  Please find the next classes listed below. Contact the DRA office for more information: info@duderanch.org or 307.589.2339.

Horse Safety and Adaptive First Aid Seminar

DRA Convention

January 17 & 18, 2018

Denver, Colorado